Long Hair Style To Choose

long hairstyles for women

If you have short hair and would like to grow it long or if you have long hair and would like to keep it long but change the style, then there are a range of hairstyles to choose from. One thing particularly important with a long hairstyle is the condition of the hair. If you choose a long hairstyle you will need to be prepared to give some time to keep it in good condition. Nothing looks worse than a long hairstyle, with hair in bad condition.

What Long Hair Style to Choose?

long hairstyles for women

The long hairstyle that you chose will depend on the shape of your face and your hair type. Those with very thick hair should choose a style with some layers so that the hair don’t look too heavy. Those with curls will also need a style with layers. Someone whose hair is straight and easy to manage can choose a sleek straight hairstyle, perhaps with some very short layers towards the end of the hair, which will enable it to curl inwards.

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long hairstyles for round shaped faces

Long Hairstyles for Round Shaped Face: Those who have a round or medium sized face often suit longer wispy styles rather than very blunt long styles. Someone with a wide forehead will often look good with a long hairstyle with a light fringe. Very thick blunt fringes are fashionable at the moment but will not always look good on everyone.

long hairstyles with color highlights

If you have mousy colored hair then you may want to brighten up your long hairstyle with some blond highlights. If you have long black straight hair that is in good condition and not too dry then a long sleek style is the perfect style for you.

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Long Hairstyles Tips

Those who choose a long hairstyle should make sure that is protected from the sun with a hat or a scarf.

You should not excessively blow dry your hair if you have a long hair style as this will dry out your hair.

Latest Pictures of Long Hairstyles

longhairstyle with bangThis long straight hairstyle with wide side swept bangs looks stunning. For this style you can use flat iron and hair gel. This hairstyle is perfect for both formal and casual events.

long hairstyle with wide side sweptAnother long hairstyle with layers and bangs. If you have round or oval shape face then this hairstyle fit well on you.

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long hairstyle with shaved side

long hair ponytail hairstyle with puff

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