African American Hairstyles

african american hairstyleAfrican American hair styles can never go out of fashion with so many (afro) famous pop singers and actors out there. African American hairstyles and haircuts are very popular among the younger age group people. It can be a bit hard to understand African background hairstyles, especially if you are newer to this category hair style. Let us take a close look at some of the different types of African American hairstyles.

Types of African American Hair styles

Afros Hairstyles: This type of African American hairstyle is suitable for those having natural African textured hair or having tight curly hair. Afros hairstyles are a popular styling idea during the 60s and 70s. Various designs can be created in this African American hairstyles like cornrows etc.conrow hairstyle

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Afro Puffs: This African American hairstyle is considered as one of the most beautiful hairdo as it highlights the beauty of natural afro hair. Here, puffs are created using a band or holder. It provides a impressive styling option for afro kids.afro puffs with braids

Bantu Zulu Knots: For creating knots African American hairstyles, first part the hair into various sections and then tight knots are created by gently twisting each hair section. The hair can be portioned in various shapes like round or square.zulu tribe bantu knots

Braids: Braids hairstyles are a famous African American hairdo. Not only afro people spot braids hairstyle, but also many celebrities. Braids are formed by taking several strands of hair and then braided in rope like structures.Long braided hairstyles for african america

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Latest Pictures Ideas on African Amrican Hairstyles

Short afro haircut is very fashionable among African American women. Here the locks are tigltly curled and pinned up. It gives lot of body at the top.short afro haircut for ladies

This African American long braided hairstyle is very gorgeous. Here the tresses are separated in to many sections with brais.

Afro puff hairstyle can be wear in both casual and formal events. In this pinned up style locks are looking frizzy at the top bun.

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