Short Hairstyles and Mature Look?

Short Hairstyles and Mature Look

The short hair style is always chic and fashionable. Most of the celebrity goes for a short hair style, because it is very easy to carry and maintain. Also you can create the short hairdo in very less time. In the above picture the celebrity Eva Longoria adopt a chin length hair style. Previously she wore a long hairstyle. But now you can see her with a short hair style.

Eva Longoria in short hairstyle Do Short Hair Styles gives Eva Longoria an older Look?

Eva Longoria in short hairstyleHave you surprised if adopting a short haircut would make you look more mature? If you have had long hairdo for more than five years then cutting your hair short is a creepy move to create. It is very difficult to adopt a short hair style from a long hair, because our culture has a fascination with long hair. The long hair gives a vitality, womanliness, sexiness and glamourous look to the youth.

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Eva Longoria short hairstyle

Different Short Hair Styles and the Mom Look

I am gradually but definitely comprehend appreciate those pictures we have all seen of how the volume evolves into bulkier edition of our earlier selves, is all too true. Like Eva Longoria most of the celebrities are adopt some varieties of short hair style. Having short haircut does not look aged, mature or non attractive

Eva Longoria Bob Hairstyle

Reese Witherspoon is in trendy bob short hair style


Reese Witherspoon bob short hairstyle

Reese Witherspoon in the above is getting the right mom look. In this short hair she kept her locks about neck level with bob cut. This hair style looks very trendy on her facial shape. In the first picture her face is of heart shape where as in the second one it is sqiare shaped. Her long layered hair style with front flowing bangs looks very elegant but the short bob haircut gives her a fashionable mom look.

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Reese Witherspoon Hairstyle

Ashlee Simpson  in short bob haircut

ashlee simpson long blonde hair
Ashlee simpson long blonde hair

Here the celebrity Ashlee Simpson looks very lovely on her long blonde hairstyle. She has really oval shape face but in short bob haircut her facial feature changes to round shape face.

Ashlee Simpson Short bob Hair

Emma Bunton in trendy short bob

Emma Bunton in trendy short bob

Here Emma Bunton gets a perfect mom look with her short trendy bob hair style. She got a square shape face.

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