How to Get Long Curly Hair like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Hairstyles

Taylor Swift She has naturally beautiful long curly hair with blonde color. In this type of hair you can create many perfect hairstyles with little efforts.

Taylor Swift in Long Curly Hair

Taylor Swift curly hairGenerally it is very difficult to create a hair style in spiral curly hair. In 70′s and 80′s many women are adopt the long curly hairdo. Here the long tresses of Taylor Swift looks very thick and volumonous. That is why such type of hairs is very difficult to maintain. If you are having long straight hair then do not apply any chemicals on your hair which may gets damaged.

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If you are having long wavy hair with some volume then you can get easily the hair style of Taylor Swift. The hairdo of Ken Pave’s and Jessica Simpson are rocking now days. For achieving their hair style you need to expend $45.00 to $200.00.

For creating Taylor Swift’s hair style follow the below methods

Taylor Swift long curly hair tutorial

First you need to shampoo your hair with some best product and then apply conditioner. Then spray the roots of your hair with root lifter and apply mouses and gels on hair. Then apply a blow dry process and steam with thermal spray. Staring from the neck region, snip hair up dipping 1? horizontal segment down at the same time. Then by using a 1? or 1 1/4? barrel curling iron and cover the tresses just about barrel starting near to the scalp in a twisting movement parting ends out to wave last. This method will set aside the hair to be curled uniformly all over its total length. Spray curls gently for final touch before dipping down next segment to be curled. Finally add a light smoothing serum on your hair with your fingers.

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By applying the above process you can get easily the long curly hairstyle like the celebrity Taylor Swift.

Celebrity Taylor Swift’s long hairstyles are really awesome. She kept various long hairstyle in her curly hair with different shades of color. She uses large curling iron and some styling products to achieve these look. If you have naturally long curly hair then try these hairstyles for any kind of events.

Latest Pictures of Taylor Swift’s Long Curly Hairstyle

Taylor Swift curly hair short
Taylor Swift curly hair short
Taylor swift curly hair dye
Taylor swift curly hair dye
Taylor swift curly hair natural
Taylor swift curly hair natural

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