Half Chignon Punk Rock Hairstyle

Punk Rock Hairstyle

How to make a Half Chignon with peak before punk rock and roll very long hair like Beyonce. First a bit of culture!

What a punk hair?

It is a derivative of hair cut punk classic: the peak . But here you worry you will not have to shave the sides and have a tuft of hair standing in the middle, it does not require much bravery.

In smoothing the hair on the sides and the pancake sections of hair in the middle for volume, the false peak mimics the real but in a more gentle and you can wear for special occasions. You have one side rock and roll chic and glamorous!

Hair type ideal : straight or straightened long previously washed and still wet.

We will give the volume a part of the front only. If you want a volume that lasts, fasten the part where you want the false ridge roll or with a device to complete beforehand.

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You will need :

1. Comb tail.
2. Hairpins, headdresses.
3. Styling Lotion or volumizing mousse, hairspray

Instructions for Half Chignon Punk Rock Hairstyle

Step 1 : Apply volumizing mousse to damp hair from root to tip and straighten your hair section by section Forward toward back the flat iron or hair dryer.

Step 2 : Separate your hair into five parts: a lower part which hang back, an upper part defined itself into three parts. So you get these parts.

hairstyle chignon punkDraw the tail comb to a horizontal line from one ear to another. This will be the upper part to be grouped into a chignon and the lower part which hang on the back.
On the upper part, mark a large rectangular strip where you want the false peak is about 2 / 4 and the two sides smooth edges of the front 1 / 4 each. Help you to the photo of Beyonce for the width of the rectangle.

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Attach separate the hair of the rectangle from the rest of hair. Arrange the two side bands in a high chignon. You will need paint and a brush to smooth the sides.
The photo below illustrates the cons rectangle and the two sides together in a bun.

hairstyle chignon punk

Step 3 . Using the tail comb or a fine tooth comb, you’ll pancakes hair band from the center section by section, starting from back to front.

Leave the last line of hair from the front not crimped .

Pancakes combing it backwards ie instead of comb from roots to ends, you do not.

The advantage of this technique is to add volume to hair.

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Step 4 . At this point your hair band will center volume. Using the hood, fasten the ridge. If you have not previously completed the false peak before the crimp, using a lacquer strong hold for the peak keeps its volume and remains in place. Take hair from the front and not crimped fold them gently on the rest. Smooth top. Use caps for well fixed to the rear . The tips of the hair should cover the hair, making it invisible .

To hide the hood, you can use a comb or a decorative flower. The rest of your hair and hang and you have your half-bun.

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