Little Kids Braiding Hairstyles Ideas

Some things that you can do to switch up the look to add a little bit more creativity to your little kids braiding hairstyles, the very first thing I’m going to suggest is that you try box braids on her hair now.

Best Braid Styles for Girls

Box braids can be done on one or two ways, you can either just prayed individual braids away from her scalp without extensions or you can braids individual braids away from her scalp with extensions.

Box Braids


It just depends on look you’re going for if you want to play with color more safely on her hair you can add a little bit of color to Little Kids Braiding Hairstyles.  When you braiding more if you want to just write her own hair without extensions you can do just that is perfectly fine.

Micro Braids

little-kids-braiding-hairstyles-micro braids

Another style I’m going to suggest is micro braids, now I don’t suggest micro braids for really small children because the braids are so tiny and it requires a lot of patience to get through them, most kids don’t even sit still for 10 minutes.

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Some micro braids will be out of the question out of the equation when doing them on children’s hair only, I would say that it will work for you. you know your child best you know that your child sit through such a long period of time to get micro braids done, micro braids a really tiny are usually small in size of your pinky finger while box braids are usually bigger than the size of your pinky finger.


My last style that I am going to suggest are Ghana braids or actually goddess braids, now goddess braids are done underhand which means that it looks as if the braid is underneath your hair. If you are familiar with goddess braids and ghana braids are overhand because you can actually see the braid sitting on top of your hair rather than hidden underneath the hair.

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Now Little Kids Braiding Hairstyles was Ghana braids they are also called feed in Conrow braids or just feed in braids because as you braiding you have pieces of extension hair along the way so they can actually increase size.


Now the lot of people prefer these over Conrow braids, because for some people when they are doing Conrow braids especially with extensions they always seem to see the little lump in the front and a lot of don’t like the look so some people actually opt for Ghana braids instead.

Now you can’t do Ghana braids on your hair without extensions, because you have nothing to feed in and besides the braid it self. you try to do a Ghana braid without extensions is just going to look like an overhand braid, now goddess braids on the other hand can be done on your hair with and without extensions you can do without extensions. if you prefer not to put extensions in your child’s hair or you can with extensions.

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Cool Ideas of Braid Styles for Kids

so many different braids for kids  those are just only a couple and just pick one of those

Beautiful braided for kids


You will find a lot of beautiful hair accessories, and you can opt for them to make braid hairstyles for kids look more polished and pretty!

Mohawk Braids


In this post, we will show the best braids for kids for African American girls as a cornrow ponytail, ghana braids, a circular mohawk and so on.

Natural Braided Hairstyles


Spiral Fishtail Bun


Simple Braids for Kids spiral fishtail bun braids for kids Kids Braided Hairstyles

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