Hairstyles with French Braids, Number: 6, Most Favorites

Today I am bringing you 7 hairstyles with french braids inspired hairstyles that involve break braids have been super trendy lately and i also have been working on branching out with my hair style abilities.

Simple Hairstyles with French Braids

In this post i tried a bunch of different braids, space buns, french braids crown, sidepart braids. Who knew there were so many types of phrase.

French braids space buns


We can get started with hairstyle number one, so first I’m making a center part all the way down to the back of my head with a comb. And tying up each side into a high ponytail until I look like baby. spice next I’m going to wrap these ponytails up into little buns. but I’m leaving a chunk of hair out on each side and once I bobby pin my buns together. I’m braiding that chunk of hair that I left out wrapping that around the bun and Bobby pinning that at the back and while of the french braids space buns.

French braids crown


Hairstyle number two is inspired by french braids space buns and only aspen overed I’m just pulling my hair all the way to one side and then putting it into a braid. But I’m facing the braid upwards so that I can pull it over the top of my head pin it on the other side. And now I have a braid crown and after I bobby pin the braid down on the side I just kind of tucked it underneath the rest of my hair so that you couldn’t notice then I just pulled out a few baby hairs in the fron and that’s it.

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French braids flower crown hairstyle


Hairstyles with French Braids number three begins with a big flower crown, because I just think this one is the cutest with a big headband so I’m splitting my hair into two sections and then creating a fishtail braid on each side.

This was actually my first time trying a fishtail braid so the way you do it is you pull your hair into two sections, then you take a small piece of hair from one side and pull it underneath to the other side.

I guess this is technically an inverted Dutch fishtail braid because it’s going upside down from the usual and when I was done I tied them with an elastic tugs at the braids to give them more volume, and then you can show off your sweet dance moves because you have the cutest hairstyle ever.

French Braids Side Part


Hairstyle number four is a little edgy so I started with a side part and then on the left side of my head, I split up my hair into three sections and braided each of those sections into small braids. and tied each off with an elastic then I just pushed all my hair over to the right side so that I could secure these three braids to the back of my head with a bobby pin and now you have this hidden braid hairstyle that’s so edgy and I think it’s super cool

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French Braids half up pony


Now for hairstyle number five so first I sectioned off the top half of my hair, and I tied the bottom half in a little bun so it’s out of my way then I started at the very front of my head and french-braided that top section of hair. and then put it into an elastic and I just tugged at the braid and tighten the elastic and gave it a little more volume and made it extra spunky this one is just such a fun spin on the normal half-up pony.

Side French Braids


Now for Hairstyles with French Braids number six which I told you guys is my favorite of whole styles, this is very similar to the French braid headband. But this time we are doing a rope braid so I’m splitting my hair into two sections instead of three like you would for a normal braid.

I’m basically twisting these two sections around each other, but each time I twist the front over to the back I’m grabbing extra hair in the front of my head and pulling that over to the back and once I get to the base of my head I can no longer do the French rope braid.

So now I just need to do a regular rope braid down to the bottom and to do this there’s a little trick twist both pieces of hair counterclockwise, and then twist those two sections of hair around each other clockwise and then you just need to tie an elastic at the bottom and give it a little tug so it’s a little looser. I love this one because it’s just so unique and different from any other braid I’ve seen and everyone is going to be asking you how you did it because it’s so pretty.

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Upside Down French Braids


Hairstyle number seven is a classic all over braid styles, so I pulled the top half of my hair up into a bun just to get it out of my way so that I could work with the bottom half. And then this part was really difficult to film because I was bent over and braiding upside down. so I basically French braided my hair from the bottom up to the top and pulled all of my hair together and then that around into a pretty bun you guys know I had to have a bow in this video so I clipped this hair bow right at the bottom of my bun and at the top of the French braid and I think it is so cute.

YouTube video


Video from EverydayHairInspiration, I hope you are now inspired to just get going go out there and take your hairstyles to the next level

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